My name is Norman Liu, and I’m a dev from Vancouver. I graduated with a Biology, but realized later on that my real passion was code. In my spare time, I’m usually exploring open-source projects, playing music, or grinding through LeetCode questions (currently at 650-something).

I love problem solving, mathematics, and programming. I’m drawn to the creativity and unconventional thinking that programming requires, and the ability to build and design a system by myself. There’s a ton of beauty in code, and I like to express that when it might not be immediately obvious.

I mainly write my personal projects in Haskell, and I graduated from Hack Reactor as a full-stack developer. I figure there’s more work for TypeScript developers than at the few dozen companies that use sane languages. This blog is a way for me to try and get over my aversion to CSS, and showcase my skills.

The format I’m following is that of the long site, which basically saves me the stress of having to edit to perfection before publishing. My writing cycle is that I come up with ideas, vomit everything into a neat little .md file, and publish. Then I come back to it the next day. And the next day. And so on, until I feel like there aren’t any more improvements I can make for the time being. If I make any typos or egregious errors in my writing, however, please let me know. Everything you need to Contact me is five words back.

All my posts are written using neovim, and I use coc-markdownlint for error-checking. The site is generated using Hakyll, a static site generator written and configured in Haskell. I build and deploy using CircleCI, which is arguably overkill, there’s a certain sense of power that comes with provisioning a VM just to generate 100kb of HTML. It’s like having an army of machines available to do your web-developer bidding.

It saves me 8 lines of typing each update, though. :)